The Aviary Book - Team

Zero was written, photographed, designed, and published entirely in-house here at The Alinea Group.

The Alinea Group is a collection of restaurants based in Chicago, owned and operated by Chef Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas. Our restaurants include:

  • Alinea, our fine dining flagship project, celebrating evocative, progressive cooking.
  • Next, which explores the world of cuisine in both space and time by completely changing its menu periodically (some examples of past menus include “Paris 1906”, “Childhood”, “Ancient Rome”, and “Hollywood”).
  • The Aviary, an innovative bar that applies modern culinary techniques to cocktails.
  • The Office, a “dim lights and leather seats” speakeasy.
  • Roister, a boisterous, casual neighborhood mainstay in which our chefs prepare much of the menu over an open hearth fire.
  • The St. Clair Supper Club, inspired by the Midwest supper clubs we dined at with our families in our youths.

While each of these have their own distinct personalities, a common thread unites them: our collective desire to provide a high quality of hospitality and a unique, memorable experience to our guests.

It’s not uncommon for some guests to refrain – for any number of reasons – from consuming alcohol. Because we want these guests to enjoy the same high-level experience and careful consideration as anyone else who may visit us, we offer thoughtfully-created non-alcoholic options at each of our restaurants. Rather than relying on obvious offerings like sodas, juices, or water, we work to create beverage options that are more complex and surprising.

We created Zero to share our enthusiasm for this work.

Our publishing efforts are led by Sarah and Allen Hemberger. The pair joined The Alinea Group in 2016 after having spent much of their careers working as visual effects artists. They have worked on films ranging from Avatar and The Avengers to Inside Out and Finding Dory. The creative expertise they bring from this experience lends itself to books that are uniquely beautiful, created with the utmost attention to detail both inside and out.

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